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Super Delivery on the Go is the most convenient way to shop for groceries on the move. Use your iPhone, iPod touch or Android device to browse through thousands of household groceries, and then place your order for delivery in less than 15 minutes.

  • An entire supermarket at your fingertips. Shop for everything from delicious food and drinks to quick meals, office needs, flowers and much more.
  • Shop for groceries on the move. Place a brand new order or just add an item youve forgotten to your next order.
  • Same day ordering. Place an order for same day delivery while commuting to work. (Not available in all areas.)
  • Shop from your kitchen or while in the bus (or wherever you like). Its simple and quick!
  • Login to your account, load last week order and add few more items or submit just like that. It takes less than a minute.
  • You can access our weekly specials, multi-buy deals and special coupons
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