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Q. How does the quality of the food I order from Super Delivery Guys compare to what I can find at the grocery stores?

We stock only the highest-quality meat and produce available, and Super Delivery shoppers pride themselves on picking the best products for you. You'll find the quality of the products Super Delivery carries is the same and even better than you can find at your local store. Our produce is hand-picked daily by our produce buyers and picked and packed just for you, which means you'll get the freshest fruits and vegetables, never picked over. You'll also find best quality meats and seafood not available in most stores. Plus, Super Delivery carries all of your favourite name-brand products and a full line of locally produced organic & natural products. If you're not satisfied with your order, call us at 604-800-0489. Super Delivery has a Satisfaction Guarantee and will do whatever we can to correct the problem.

Q. Where does your produce come from? Is it from local growers?

Locally grown food is better for your health, better for the environment, and the right choice to support BC farmers and the BC economy. At Super Delivery we always care about our farmers and our community! Super Delivery believes in building local food systems. Encouraging our community to enjoy local food increases our food security as a nation and adds to the prosperity of our local community.

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