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Vancouver: 604-800-0489

Q. Do your offer delivery service to my business or office?

We deliver variety of office supplies & refreshments and weekly fruit baskets that suits your office needs (Super Refresh with Super Delivery Service). You can start with

- weekly fruit box service
Office refreshments (snacks, beverages or lunch supplies)
- Catering (meeting trays, party supplies or catering)

Q. I want to set-up regular a delivery for my company?

Once you are happy with the items in your cart, and have chosen to check out, you will be prompted to establish a Super Delivery account. Simply fill in the required user info and proceed with checkout to create a user account.
You can either set up an online account after deciding what products you would like delivered, or call us at 604-800-0489 and speak with our customer service representatives who will get started in just a couple of minutes.

Q. Invoicing and Payment?

We invoice weekly or monthly. We can provide individual or consolidated invoices covering all of your locations and provide payment terms to all customers. Invoices and monthly statements are sent electronically in PDF format and can be faxed or posted on special request. Payment can be made by direct deposit, cheque or credit card.

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