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Vancouver: 604-800-0489
Edmonton: 780-800-0489

Calgary: 403-800-3079

Q. How Super Delivery is different from your local super market?

1. Super Delivery helps you to save time every week!
2. Super Delivery connects local suppliers and consumers
3. Compared to grocery stores, Super Delivery has minimum food waste 
4. Wherever possible Super Delivery source local produce and encourages organic products
5. Reduced Carbon Emissions (each Super Delivery truck carries 20 orders at a time thus eliminating 20 cars on the road)
6. Last but not least, our prices are at least 20% cheaper than your grocery store. It’s our Super Guarantee. 

Q. Choose Super Delivery for a Cause:

Super Delivery donates 15% of gross revenue to the causes chosen by our customers. Super Delivery is an innovative business model that values social responsibility as highly as company profits. As the company profits, the community equally benefits from those profits. Lots of great causes, come join with Super Delivery! Together we can make difference...

  • Empower Youth for Global Change
  • Donating to Local Food banks
  • Promoting Organic Farming
  • End Homelessness
  • Protect Our Environment
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