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Super Delivery is an online grocery store that specializes in student packages, groceries, and health & beauty products for young professionals, college students, and their parents. We are a fast, easy, affordable alternative to traditional grocery stores and expensive college marts. Parents can send food & school supplies to their son, daughter or family friend in school.


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  How do I receive free delivery?
You can try Dorm Express risk free. Join us on Facebook and you will receive a coupon code for FREE DELIVERY. You can use this coupon for your 1, 2nd & 3rd orders.

Is there a minimum order?
Nope! We won't limit you to how much or little you want to buy. Just remember orders over $70 receive free shipping! Orders less than $70 will be charged $6.99 delivery fee.

Can my parents create an account and send the items to me at school?
Yes, that's easy to do. Parents (or anyone) can create their own accounts and have orders delivered to whoever they want. Each Super Delivery account can have multiple shipping addresses, so if a parent has more than one son, daughter, niece, nephew, or family friend in college, he or she can set up a "ship to" address for each person.

How long does it take Super Delivery to ship an order?
Vancouver: Same day & Next day delivery service

Do you deliver perishables products to my school?
Super Delivery offers both perishable & non-perishable

- University of British Columbia: Perishables & non-perishables
- Simon Fraser University: non-perishables only


We are always looking to partner with schools & other businesses. If we haven't spoken yet and you feel your business or school could work well with Super Delivery. We would love to hear from you! Please email us at

If you have a great idea for a fundraising event at your school or at a local community event let us know! At Super Delivery we strive to help our communities and participate in fundraising events at schools all over the Canada.

Super Students

We're looking for ambitious, confident graduates with the potential to be a future manager of our business: inspiring others, leading teams and generating ideas. You'll need to share our passionate belief in bend-over-backwards-to-please service, and be willing to roll your sleeves up and get really stuck in.
We welcome candidates from all disciplines, whether you're a student recent graduate, or are looking for a change from your current employer.

If you are interested Please send your cover letter and resume to or apply online.
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